Adding slowly, one song at a time. Mostly quick-n-dirty home recordings. Imperfect, but it gets the point across.

These original songs are available for production, performance and/or arrangements. Please email to inquire.

Designed for Group/Ubuntu Style Singing:

Surrender (Stop Struggling)

Keep Your Mind on Love

We Are Here

Time To Protect Each Other

O Water

Promise Me

Together (Mashup)

Cost of Freedom (Arrangement/Cover)

Song Cycle (Softer Now)

All I Gotta Do (Arrangement/Cover)

Ocean Chant (Arrangement)

Mikey Mashup

Singer-Songwriter Format:

Grain of Sand

Heal With Me

Harbor On

Life and Death

Help Us Change

Okay Okay


Billy’s Prayer

Soul Portrait with Om Ah Hum

Pink Flower Petals (Instrumental)

Man of the Hour (Cover, Arrangement for 3 part harmony)

Moonlight Equinox (Instrumental)

Prayer Wheel

Wedding Song (Instrumental/In Progress)

Dayenu (It Would Have Been Enough)

If I Knew

Nothing Left in My Hands

These Men

Shoshana Knows

Waiting for the Blue

When I Think

You Want To Talk

Smile Behind Your Eyes

Conversation With Myself


Falling Away


She’ll Fly Away

Little Star

Welcome Back



The Mother Song

Carry On (As a Ballad)

Semi-Charmed Life


When the River Meets the Sea

Book of Love


Absence of Fear