indebvxThis song came about after reading Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael (which I highly recommend). The tune comes from my dear friend Laura Belle Ortiz, whose music is hauntingly touching and deeply rich. Her song to the same tune, Portals of the Infinite, is one of my favorite songs in the world. Humming the tune in my head, I found these other lyrics and different vibe coming, and asked her if I could follow my instincts with a second song that wanted to be born within the same melody. She said go for it. This is the result.

A quick-n-dirty one take recording, serviceable in its imperfections.

*While uploading this page, I discovered that Daniel Quinn passed away not even 2 months ago. I dedicate the sharing of this song to this thought-leader, whose deep and caring words and work inspires vital conversations about what we’ve done to ourselves and each other, and what needs to change. With great respect. I wish I’d gotten to tell him in person how much his work has impacted me.