Together Mashup

by Kaitie Ty Warren

This mashup, inspired by the style of DJ Earworm, is made from parts of the following songs.

Song 1:

We belong together

From Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together

Song 2:

I can tell that we are gonna be friends 

From White Stripes’ We’re Gonna Be Friends

Song 3:

All together now

From The Beatles’ All Together Now

Song 4:

Someday…we’ll be together /  yes we will, yes we will/oh say it, say it, say it, say it again

From Diana Ross and The Supremes’ Someday We’ll Be Together

For Group Singing: This song came through mysteriously, putting itself together without any intellectual contribution on my part. It existed only as a recording for at least a year before I brought it to CCLT and taught it to an unsuspecting group of supportive Canadians. Following Siobhan Robinsong’s suggestion, I created Song Stations for the 4 songs and taught 4 parts only: We belong together/I can tell that we are gonna be friends/All together now/Someday we’ll be together. People moved around the room, singing the different parts when they got to the different Song Stations. It was delightfully chaotic! But my original version has 8 or 9 parts to it, including harmonies, echoes, and even (on the recording) a percussive “all together now” echo (which doesn’t work so well when singing live). I craved doing a live version that contained more harmonies, and have experimented a bit with the Living Room Choir, who find their own things to add to it regardless of what parts I teach!

As a songleader, I think it’s easiest to stick with teaching the first 4 basic parts, and then add the harmonies or echoes as you see fit for your group. The timing of this piece can be really tricky, but the blend when it all comes together is really something! I’d love to hear recordings of how you do it – have fun!

ALL for group singing:

4 Part Version for Group Singing:

Part 1, We Belong Together:

Part 2, I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends:

Optional Harmony for I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends:

Part 3, All Together Now:

Optional Echo for All Together Now:

Part 4, Someday We’ll Be Together:

Optional Harmony for Someday We’ll Be Together:

Optional Part 5, Say It Again:

For Reference:

Original Recording: