By Kaitie Ty Warren, © 2021

My child was born in 2020; the sheer INTENSITY of change during this time in my body, in his body, and in the external world was daunting, exhausting, and downright traumatic, but in the best of times it was exhilaratingly….awkward.

We wore our masks outside and I never set foot while pregnant in a grocery store; went to routine doctor’s appointments alone in a mask and face shield and prayers for safety. People crossed the street to get away from my brand new baby instead of congratulating me. Anyone who’s been around such a young person knows how quickly things are changing for them, too. Changes in his body and brain landscape had him in awe and uncomfortable just as any tiny human would be, and as I held him, my landscape was changing at a breakneck speed as well.

Culturally we were beginning to undergo a massive, high-speed shift – one that we’ve nowhere near completed. But, as I donned my mask and left my house to walk the neighborhood with my crying newborn, unable to even be joined by a friend or visit our neighbors, I would sing this song to comfort my baby. Or maybe to comfort myself.

In time more momentum has emerged, and harmonies too. The harmonies are not scripted, but there are a few suggestions here if you’d like them.

This song was featured in a podcast episode 55 of A Breath of Song with Patricia Norton. She interviews me and the whole interview is book-ended by the song, which I was still experimenting with at the time. As I write this now, I’m still experimenting. If you discover something you love about it, I invite you to let me know. Life keeps rearranging, and songs can too.

Interview with Kaitie Ty Warren on A Breath of Song (Patricia Norton)

Here’s a recording that demos a couple of harmony options, inspired by the harmonies that came out during the podcast. Partway through the recording each harmony is featured separately (and imperfectly.) Feel free to build on these suggestions. I do highly recommend, if you’re adding layers, to at least practice singing something that feels awkward or unexpected when the moment suggests!

Below is sheet music made courtesy of Patricia Norton (thanks Patricia!) and featuring a low harmony she arranged that’s very close to mine in the recording, and also designed to inspire and build upon as you feel it. I love to hear from people who are enjoying or using my music! If you are using or sharing it for profit, please be in integrity and seek permissions, considering tithing, and always credit. In general, please share, sing, use it for healing, and enjoy!