We thank you for supporting Living Room Choir ANEW!


We are currently raising additional funds for Sara Stutz’s training with the Ubuntu Choirs Network’s CCLT (Community Choir Leadership Training.) Sara is a loving, dedicated Living Room Choir ANEW co-leader. We are so excited to see what happens next when she dives into the richness of CCLT, and officially become part of the Ubuntu Choirs Network herself!

If you can give any amount, it will help offset the costs for Sara (who will be taking two weeks off work, traveling to Canada, and footing CCLT tuition costs.) There is no set goal amount for this fundraiser. Rather, we are just hoping to ease the financial stress in any way, and support Sara in accessing this deeply rewarding work – work she will share with all of us upon her return.

You can donate directly to Sara for this cause via any of these means:

Venmo (preferred): @Sara-Stutz
PayPal: smstutzpt@gmail.com
or email Sara at the address above for mailing address (checks) or phone number (Apple Pay)

Thank you for your generosity!

Living Room Choir ANEW is a “no one turned away for lack of funds” community. That means the whole of choir is kept afloat collectively, by everyone’s contributions (financially and otherwise.) No amount is too large or too small for donations. Every dollar goes toward the continuation of this work and helps keep the living room “doors” open! We thank you for your continued generosity!

How to Support the Ongoing Continuation of Living Room Choir ANEW

1. Venmo: venmo.com/KaitieTy-Warren
2. Paypal: paypal.me/kaitiety or thelivingroomchoir@gmail.com
(please select “Sending to Friends and Family” if possible to avoid fees)
3. If you prefer to send a check, contact Kaitie for address.

However you donate, please include a memo (eg, “Choir donation”)

We are so grateful for your support!