Whenever possible, we strive to give credit and tithing directly to the individual creators of the songs we use, but in many cases this is not possible. We are an international choirs network, and we do share and sing music from around the world, with the intention of bridge building, listening, and learning.

Since we in the US live in a culture of “taking,” it is all the more important that, as we learn each other’s music from across the globe, we keep in mind what we can offer in return, and not just sing songs mindlessly from cultures not our own. It’s important to consider sharing in return whenever possible, be that music, time, or financial support.

Some cultures are more open than others about sharing music across communities, and we try to keep this consent in the foreground of our decision making about which songs to sing. However, sometimes songs travel without all the necessary information attached to them, so we are continually learning as we go.

Below is a list of places we have partnered with or supported as a means of giving back to certain communities who have generously gifted us with song.

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign
The Orphan Bracelet Campaign (OBC) helps AIDS orphans by equipping their primary caretakers – usually women – with the means to sustain themselves and improve their health. You can buy a bracelet (or several! They’re beautiful bangles and can be stacked) to support their cause, or give directly. Update, 2023: These bracelets have now been discontinued from production but are still available to purchase. Get them while you still can!

Humanitarian Coalition
The Humanitarian Coalition is a Canadian organization that sends funds and hands-on support for emergency responses around the globe. During any moment in history, they will be focusing their efforts on one or more cause, but you can also give to the group as a whole.

Global Music Exchange
Su Hart and Martin Craddick this organization to preserve the music and homelands of the Baka people, who live in the southeastern rainforests of the western Congo basin, including parts of Cameroon, Gabon and Central African Republic

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