Choir Sessions – Online!

Living Room Choir on Zoom Highlights from the Spring 2020 Session:

Perhaps now more than ever,
being part of a caring community to regularly experience life together through music, dance, and fellowship is imperative to our well-being.
Singing is also great for your health – it boosts your immune system, lung capacity and more!

We have found, in the Spring Session (which started in-person before COVID-19 hit) and Summer Session, the importance of having a weekly, joyful practice together.

Living Room Choir continues to offer weekly gatherings, now online!

Come be part of this fantastic musical community!

Choir Returns Online 10/21!

We’ve made plans and plans again… the times just keep changing and the music keeps rolling. So!

With a big acknowledgment that more will be revealed, here’s how I’d like to plan our winter session:

  • Living Room Choir returns online! Winter 2021 Session
  • Thursday nights on Zoom*
  • 6:45-8pm PST
  • October 21-December 16, except for Thanksgiving Day (8 Thursdays)
  • Led by Kaitie Ty Warren and Sara Stutz, with support from Deborah Leeds
  • Cost: $100-200 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds. (All tuition funds go directly toward keeping this space available to all. Please talk to Kaitie if you have any questions.)
  • *the possibility for some in-person outdoor gatherings are being explored, but are not currently guaranteed

This session is open to all – newcomers and veterans alike! We expect it to be an intimate session but please do feel free to invite your friends and family – the beautiful thing about Zoom is anyone can join, from anywhere in the world!

We will be singing mostly on mute but will unmute at times (everything is always optional). No musical experience necessary. Kaitie plans to share mostly using live looping, diving into simple, luscious harmonies you can play with at home. No teaching tracks unless they’re requested. We may explore a simple recording as a souvenir, but no major projects or concerts are scheduled at this time.

We’ll sing songs together that reflect what we need to hear and remember during this unique time in history. Living Room Choir, in all its forms, has always been known to uplift our moods, and fill our hearts. We are the light (as the song says) – and will continue to generate light together, through the early darkness of the winter season!

Simply tell Kaitie if you’d like to be enrolled. You can send payments through the electronic channels or make other arrangements.

Can’t wait to see you and sing with you!

About Living Room Choir Online:

Living Room Choir is a culture of joy, stress-reduction, and meaningful connection with self and others.

We practice harmony in community while practicing harmony in song.

This is an explicitly antiracist, queer-friendly, trans-affirming space. People of all backgrounds and identities are welcome.

Living Room Choir uses simple yet lush harmonies to build the teaching of songs, live, over Zoom, and create a communal experience using music as a vehicle.

Leader Kaitie Ty Warren teaches original songs, as well as songs from around the world, in the oral tradition. No sight reading or musical experience necessary. You will receive recorded teaching tracks of many of the songs we practice, so that you can sing along at home between rehearsals.

Although we will mostly be muted as a group (since Zoom won’t allow us to sing in sync) we will still be psychically and visually connected through song.

We are part of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, an international choirs community which believes its everybody’s birthright to sing.

Come with an open mind and be ready to sing, dance and/or listen in harmonic community.

All ages and newcomers are always welcome – no musical experience necessary.
Join us!

~We look forward to singing with you!~

Info from the SPRING HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO above:

Featured songs:
Vamudara – a Shona story song
Vocal Improv – Roy Willey
One Day (We Will Gather Together) – Sara Stutz
Be Open – Debbie Nargi-Brown
Vocal Improv – Kaitie Ty Warren
Hineini Chant – Kaitie Ty Warren
Bambelela – a Zulu children’s song
Surrender – Kaitie Ty Warren
Angel Wash – Aimee Ringle and Mia Kelley, Rafe Pearlman and Saphir Lewis
All the featured audio you’re hearing in this video is either Kaitie Ty Warren, Sara Stutz, Living Room Choir during previous sessions, or the guest artists Roy Willey and Debbie Nargi-Brown, live over Zoom. This is how it sounds in “real life” when we practice together on Zoom.

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