Adding slowly, one song at a time. Mostly quick-n-dirty home recordings. Imperfect, but it gets the point across.

These original songs are available for production, performance and/or arrangements. Please email to inquire.

Designed for Community Singing:

All I Gotta Do (Arrangement/Cover)

Cost of Freedom (Arrangement/Cover)

Keep Your Mind on Love

Mikey Mashup

O Water

Ocean Chant (Arrangement)

Promise Me

Slow Down

Song Cycle (Softer Now)

Surrender (Stop Struggling)

Time To Protect Each Other

Together (Mashup)

We Are Here

Singer-Songwriter Format:

Billy’s Prayer

Grain of Sand

Harbor On

Heal With Me

Help Us Change


Life and Death

Man of the Hour (Cover, Arrangement for 3 part harmony)

Okay Okay

Pink Flower Petals (Instrumental)

Soul Portrait with Om Ah Hum

Moonlight Equinox (Instrumental)

Prayer Wheel

Wedding Song (Instrumental/In Progress)

Dayenu (It Would Have Been Enough)

If I Knew

Nothing Left in My Hands

These Men

Shoshana Knows

Waiting for the Blue

When I Think

You Want To Talk

Smile Behind Your Eyes

Conversation With Myself


Falling Away


She’ll Fly Away

Little Star

Welcome Back



Carry On (As a Ballad)

The Mother Song

Semi-Charmed Life

When the River Meets the Sea

Book of Love


Absence of Fear