slow down2

Slow Down

by Kaitie Ty Warren

The Ubuntu Choirs Network is sourced out of a sweet little building called the Church of Truth in Victoria, BC. Every two years, members of the network gather for a 10-day reunion full of songs, workshops, friendship, networking and more. We go all day and long into the night, and the Church of Truth is filled with energy, harmony, and light.

One night during my first reunion (2019) I closed my eyes for nightly meditation before bed, and saw in my mind’s eye a kaleidoscopic view of the Church of Truth’s interior, with all of us inside it, carrying our different stories, needs, offerings, music, hopes, feelings, etc. The kaleidoscope was not only visual but aural as well, and created a song in my head I kept thinking must be something we’d sung that day. When I went to record it, though, I realized it was 5 separate layers of harmony, none of which were a song I already knew, but each of which represented one or more of the people I had been gathered with that day.

This is what the frequencies sound like layered together. Be patient. It grows.

(This is also my answer to the general Western culture at large…but that’s another story.)

Voice 1 (Tenor):
Voice 2 (Alto):
Voice 3 (Soprano):
Voice 4 (Bass):
Voice 5 (Alto2):

*as usual with my songs, anyone can sing any part. The SATB assignment is merely an organizational suggestion.