We’ll strive to keep this updated with Teaching Pages as we build them. We share and carry songs with intention toward respectful sharing, and dedication to integrity.

This is especially important with songs that come from different cultures than our own. Because we teach by call and response rather than sheet music, we learn the music in an alive, person-to-person setting. These teaching tracks are made with this style of learning in mind. Occasionally, sheet music also exists.

Songs often adopt small (or large) changes along the way as they travel, and we as song leaders work to research “behind the scenes,” continuing to update our learning after we’ve first encountered a song.

So you may see changes to these pages over time, as we learn more. And if you have information we are lacking, whether it be an error to correct or more context for the song’s origin, we welcome it wholeheartedly.

Although there are many songs here that are free and available to listen to or share, please consider tithing your songmakers. A common suggestion for use of a song is around $40 USD, but no amount is too small or too large.

Folks to tithe include the people who wrote the song, as well as the folks who built the teaching tracks, and, if the song is not credited to one person, consider a donation toward a cause in the song’s community of origin. If you’d like to send a donation directly to us for use of our work here, you can find payment channels on our PaymentsPage. Under our Support Across Cultures page, we have some recommendations of places to send funds if you’re using a song from a culture other than your own. We also welcome feedback and suggestions here.

There are many songs that require a password. This is for respect to the songmakers: it means we haven’t gained permission to share it publicly, but we have sung it in our group. This is also a work in progress and may change over time. If you are a Living Room Choir member, you’ve gained access to these songs and may request the password at any time. If you are not a member but want to access a song, please reach out to us directly.

There is a lot of invisible labor that goes into these offerings, and musicians are usually scraping by thanks to our cultures’ misunderstanding of how crucial the arts are for human wellbeing. Thank you for your support, and thank you for singing with us!


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