What our Choir Members are Saying:

“Kaitie is an inspired and an inspiring leader, creating play and safety along with our learning. Our weekly meetings are both grounding and uplifting and our concerts are a blast.” ~ Choir Member

“The Choir has brought a lot of joy into my life. It’s really a warm group of people and we have great fun with each other and with the music.” ~ Choir Member

“Singing with the Ubuntu choir is one of the best things in my life!  It’s a combination of having a place to sing with others, which is such a joy.  There is the music itself, from simple songs in other languages that are fun to learn, to songs that feel particularly meaningful at this time. We build harmonies and sing out for sheer fun and for dear life. It’s wonderful! Finally, there is Kaitie, who facilitates each gathering in the true spirit of open-hearted relationship. Kaitie wordlessly invites us to be completely and comfortably our whole selves  in the music, and with each other. She brings light and love, always fostering the group’s energy, sailing for that which is true, which becomes as uplifting to our spirits as….a song. I may arrive empty and stressed, but I always leave nourished and happy.” ~ Deborah Leeds, Choir Member

“More than a talented singer, Kaitie is a creative and intuitive singing teacher. Employing bodywork and voice work, she tunes her methods to the moment, bringing her lifetime of study to a single focus for the hour you are with her. Whether in a choir or individual lessons, when you leave, you are changed.” ~ Judy Bloch, Choir Member and Singing Student