Kaitie Ty Warren’s own vocal journey has taken her through decades of theatre work, singing, speech and public performance. Training with some of the best vocal teachers in the Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and the Pacific Northwest, her experience ranges from opera and classical singing, to revolutionary Fitzmaurice and Full Voice techniques. Directly after finishing her BA in Theater & Music, she received a Playwright Scholarship from an Israeli organization, and went to to live and write abroad for nearly a year in the Negev Desert.

From 2005-2008 she founded ran a successful theater company in Seattle, performing mostly in live productions, then returned to her hometown of Los Angeles, where she focused primarily on film and TV. While living and performing in LA, she found the Goldenbridge Community Choir, an Ubuntu Choir, which changed her entire outlook on music – and relationship with her voice.

After moving to the Bay Area in 2015, the lessons and music she had learned at Goldenbridge stayed with her. She began inviting friends over to sing in the living room – a practice that quickly became a recurring, and expanding, weekly singing circle. One year into it, the blossoming Living Room Choir raised the money to send her to the Community Choir Leadership Training (CCLT) for the Ubuntu Choirs Network in Victoria, Canada. This made The Living Room Choir the first Ubuntu Choir in the Bay Area; our nearest Ubuntu neighbors are the Free Range Singers in Davis.

Kaitie is an Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200 from Core Power Yoga), has a father with Parkinson’s, and has studied with heavyweights in the Parkinson’s therapy community of the Bay Area. In March of 2017, after years of being involved with Yoga for Parkinson’s, she formed a Parkinson’s Voice Class called Be Heard!

Passionate about waking people up to their own full potential of body, voice and harmonic expression, Kaitie is dedicated to creating safe, communal spaces for humans of all ages to play and get silly together. She writes and performs her own music, has recorded four audiobooks, and writes prose mostly for pleasure.