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We can’t wait to hear you!

Kaitie teaches Be Heard! A Full Voice class for Parkinson’s that includes games, exercises, and tons of breath!

Be Heard! Thursdays, 12-1pm at the JCC, room 7: 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley CA


*needs-based scholarships available

  • Play Games to Sharpen Your Communication Skills
  • Remove the Parkinson’s Mask
  • Learn to Direct Your Sound
  • Connect With Others
  • Learn To Improve Your Mood By Using Your Voice
  • Contact Kaitie to be added to the Be Heard Mailing List! KTWarren@Gmail.com





On Be Heard! Voice for Parkinson’s:

“I’ve been very happy with the results I’ve had from your voice class, and will continue to come in hopes of singing again, I’m speaking much louder and clearer than when I started the course.” ~ Rick Miller, Speech Class Student

“It’s easier to communicate, to shift my voice to talk with people at a table and things, project more, and know how to get into that.” ~ Parkinson’s Speech Class Student

“It’s helping me both find my voice and emotions in balance.”  ~ Parkinson’s Speech Class Student

“This year, 2018, marks the tenth anniversary of my PD diagnosis, and what started as a minor shuffling of my feet has now progressed (?) to  balance problems, gait impairment, and frequent falls, as well as a list of the classic pd symptoms.  At times I feel like a poster boy for PD.  Considering  the relentlessness of the symptoms, with “no known cure”, I am not surprised when I feel victimized by Mr. Parkinson and his cohorts in the medical and pharmaceutical professions.  It is estimated that up to 90% of people with Parkinson’s develop speech and voice disorders during the course of their disease.  This “poster boy’ is no exception. Since 2014 my speech has been characterized by   a soft and quiet voice (so quiet sometimes I can’t even hear it)  but what  makes it worse is that I have a significant hearing loss (not pd related). Imagine that! (Kaitie Warren enters stage left.) Kaitie and “Be Heard” are my weapons in the inexorable battle with Parkinson’s disease. She knows what she’s doing and does it with grace and humor. The hour I spend with her each week enables me feel like a winner, not as a victim.” ~ Peter Rugh, Parkinson’s Speech Class Student