We would love to sing with you!

We are ANEW: Approaching Necessary Evolution Willingly.

We are always updating our website with our current offerings. Common ones currently include outdoor singing for vaccinated members (when eligible), retreats and workshops, and occasional Zoom offerings. We acknowledge that the famously “unprecedented times” we’ve been living in since 2020 catapulted group singing into the “high risk” level of activity. We are an inclusive community, and care about including those who may be vulnerable or are not comfortable/welcome/safe in other mainstream events. As such, we’ve made the difficult decision to create our first-ever requirement for attendance: you must be vaccinated (if you are safely eligible for vaccination.)

The choice to vaccinate is a personal one, and not right for everyone. We made this boundary in the spirit of being an Ubuntu choir, where we practice acknowledging that our choices have impacts on others. When we make the sometimes difficult decision to vaccinate ourselves, we are also making a choice to protect one another. A person who cannot tolerate the vaccine can, and we believe should, be protected by those around them.

If you have medical or other significant reasons you cannot be vaccinated, but wish to be included, please come talk to us. Our goal is not to exclude folks, and exemptions will be made on a case by case basis. We are evolving, and so is our medical science. For now, we just want to create a safe space for those who are the most vulnerable members in our community, so we can all sing as safely together as possible.

Thank you for being part of the group solution!

See What We’re Offering!

Round Robins (2023, all summer long! Contact us to get the weekly invites to all Summer Workshops)
Fall Session 2023, weekly September-December. Newcomers Welcome.
More Details Coming.
Sisters in Harmony Retreat with Heather Houston, July 6-9 2023
Simple Harmonies (for Babies and their Grown-Ups)
Workshops and Special Events

In most cases, you’ll want to simply CONTACT US and let us know you’d like to be invited by email as these events occur.

We are part of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, an international choirs community which believes its everybody’s birthright to sing.

Come with an open mind and be ready to sing, dance and/or listen in harmonic community.

All ages and newcomers are always welcome – no musical experience necessary. This is a baby-friendly space.

No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. We appreciate the support of community members who can pay full scale or above the sliding scale, to ensure everyone is able to attend. Know that, regardless of the dollar amount you are able to contribute, your voice and presence are valuable.

~We look forward to singing with you!~

Info from the SPRING HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO above:

Featured songs:
Vamudara – a Shona story song
Vocal Improv – Roy Willey
One Day (We Will Gather Together) – Sara Stutz
Be Open – Debbie Nargi-Brown
Vocal Improv – Kaitie Ty Warren
Hineini Chant – Kaitie Ty Warren
Bambelela – a Zulu children’s song
Surrender – Kaitie Ty Warren
Angel Wash – Aimee Ringle and Mia Kelley, Rafe Pearlman and Saphir Lewis
All the featured audio you’re hearing in this video is either Kaitie Ty Warren, Sara Stutz, Living Room Choir during previous sessions, or the guest artists Roy Willey and Debbie Nargi-Brown, live over Zoom. This is how it sounds in “real life” when we practice together on Zoom.