The Storm

by Lotus Dickey
Arranged by Evie Ladin

Please Note: This arrangement contains many verses long and body rhythms. We won’t do all of it exactly as Evie does with her trained dance ensemble, but I want you to know where it comes from (and where it is going as we continue to fill it out!)

I’m still feeling out how much of this arrangement we’ll be doing in full for this session of our choir – I want to challenge us but not make it impossible; this is complex work and we’re not using sheet music. You guys are sounding awesome on the two verses we’ve worked up so far! So I feel confident we will do at least three verses: the first one is in unison, but the timing is very organic, meaning you will all watch me for the timing, before we go into the next two verses at tempo.

For this teaching track, I’ve included the first verse (The Clouds…) followed by the two verses we’ve worked in rehearsal (Oh How… and Oh God…) – I loop the 2nd and 3rd verse a couple times, although we may not do it this way for the concert. We have also begun learning the Body Rhythms for this piece! Please see the videos below, and if you want to purchase Evie’s teaching track as well, there is a link to her sheet music and videos. Enjoy!

The clouds are gath’ring fast
A storm is growing nigh
How fierce, how fierce the blast
To come from up on high
To come from up on high

Oh how (oh how)
The storm may roar (the storm may roar)
And fearful (and fearful) sights I see (sights I see)
(Oh) Love will bear me o’er
Throughout (throughout) eternity
Throughout eternity
Oo-hooooo, oo-oo-oo

Oh God, thy will be done
On Earth, as up above
Oh precious holy one
Send thy redeeming love
Send thy redeeming love
Oo-hooooo, oo-oo-oo

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MIDDLE (Melody):
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NEW VIDEOS! Practice Along with me!
*Mine’s not perfect. *My notes to myself would be: SMILE MORE, and my “ba-duh” timing (in part A) is a often slow. Do your best – and scroll down for the other teaching videos if you want more insight.*


ECHO (trading off between the low and high harmonies):

Here are the body rhythms we learned! Totally worth watching all the way to the end…


Evie Solo:

Evie with the MoToR Ensemble:

If you want the sheet music: