(From Calliope)

by Katie Sontag
© 2022

Katie Sontag is an Ubuntu Choirs leader in Eugene, OR. Calliope is her daughter.

Katie Sontag says: Deep into my pregnancy, I dreamt this song in its entirety. I spent the next day making this recording, and then went into labor that night at 3am. Two days later my daughter (Calliope) was born.

Kaitie Ty Warren adds: the kids who’ve arrived during this immense global shift, “Pandemic Babies” as they are often called, seem to be cut from an unusual cloth. They are connected, profound, sharp-minded and big-hearted little ones with incredible skills they seem to have come in with. My own was born early in pandemic when hospitals were still in crisis and folks were actively worried about whether we would survive the year. We gave him a name that means “bringer of light” and have found it to be true: in the darkest times, he gave us light to focus on (and continues to). By the time Calliope was born, we had some vaccines underway and there was indeed a little light dawning more broadly as well. Calliope brought with this reassuring message; one that I hold dearly.


As the dark fades away
Here it comes: a brand new new day
And as it leaves, we watch it go
All we’ve learned, all we need to know

And I believe we will survive
I believe we are meant to thrive
I believe we are alive
To share the journey
To share the journey

Teaching tracks coming soon, but here is the song as arranged with body rhythms by Kaitie Ty Warren


Find Katie Songtag on Bandcamp for the original Ive been in fespair about the state of the world lately, and raising a kid in it This song brings me hope (and was brouht in almost exactly when he daughter was born. I consider it a gift from those who know more than I do) #vocalist #harmonies #bodyrhythm #singwithme #communitysinging #song #livingroomchoir #ubutuchoirs #choirdirectorsoftiktok

♬ original sound – kaitietywarren

And there are many ways to access Katie’s original. Here’s an easy one:

Or buy it here: https://katiesontag.bandcamp.com/track/share-the-journey-from-calliope