Private Singing or Speaking-Voice lessons available upon request! Contact for more information. $100/hour; sliding scale available.

My own angle on vocal work is one driven by pleasure and curiosity: rather than focus on what it’s supposed to sound like, I’m curious about how it feels. Vocal freedom and expression is available to everyone, no matter what your body has been through, and no matter what you are coping with. Strengthening the correct muscles to support vocal empowerment and learning to free yourself of habitual tension that may put strain on your vocal chords, you might find that speaking and singing are fun and available in a way you never thought possible! Musicality too, is something that can be taught and learned. I have never met a person yet who is truly tone-deaf: it just takes time!

In our culture, many of us have been silenced and opening back up can be nerve-wracking. My own background includes overcoming tremendous fear vocally; I’m always delighted to work with people who experience particular vulnerability around vocal expression – I believe, with the willingness, we can make vocal work a safe and fun exploration.

See my bio for more info. I teach people of all ages and abilities. If you’re interested in group classes please consider joining the The Living Room Choir or Be Heard! Voice for Parkinson’s.

More than a talented singer, Kaitie is a creative and intuitive singing teacher. Employing bodywork and voice work, she tunes her methods to the moment, bringing her lifetime of study to a single focus for the hour you are with her. Whether in a choir or individual lessons, when you leave, you are changed. ~Vocal Student Judy Bloch