Om Ah Hum

A Purification Mantra from the Tibetan lineage
Taught to us by songwriter, spiritual sound healer, and choir member
Evelie Delfino Såles Posch

These are three Bija Sounds (Seed Sounds) designed to awaken the Chakras. Om for the crown and third eye, Ah for the throat/voice, and Hum/Hoong for the Heart. You are clarifying as you chant, and bringing your higher divine Self into your living body.

A note from Evelie: Breathing and singing together, imagine the energies expanding throughout your body, to those around you, and to those who are in need of healing. Offer it as a lullaby.

Om ~ all encompassing, all pervasive essence
Ah ~ releasing, transforming
Hum ~ (pronounced Hoong. The NG sound opens the nasal passages and is important in moving energy and releasing nectar from the Crown and Third Eye chakras.) Heart-mind’s all-embracing awareness

Side note: “chakra” is pronounced with “ch” as in “change” ~ not “shakra.”

Thank you to Evelie for this song and the information about it!

This recording is from the first Living Room Choir concert in May 2015, held at Zhi Dao Guan the Taoist Center of Oakland. Evelie is leading Om Ah Hum and invites the audience to sing along. Although the chant starts on a single note, the harmonies are endless. Enjoy.

Om Ah Hum with Living Room Choir and audience, May 2015:
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