Ocean Chant

By Lizzie Karr and Kaitie Ty Warren

This is my arrangement of one of my favorite pieces by my friend Lizzie Karr. Lizzie shared this with me on my birthday a few years ago, and it stuck around. A new rhythm started to emerge and pretty soon there were 4 parts in my head, so I sent them to Lizzie, who gave me her blessing to continue playing with the piece this way.

At the bottom of this page, you can see a short video from the night on my birthday, some years ago, when Lizzie first introduced me to this song. I’m sitting behind her, playing harmonium. Above that, you’ll see a three part video I made recently, just for my own entertainment.

When all else fails, the ocean’s powerful currents – even in the air around it – can help realign me. Sometimes all it takes is being near that big body of water, and I begin to restore my correct inner rhythms.


MELODY (Tenor):
HARMONY 1 (Bass):
HARMONY 2 (Alto):
HARMONY 3 (Soprano):