Mbele Mama

A song from Camaroon

A Round in 3-4 parts
Also credited as “Bele Mama”

Often translated as “Call Mama,” the term “mbele” is a Swahili word that can translate to “the front,” “previously,” or “before.”
It makes sense then, that another common translation for this song is “long ago Mother”

It is often called “a gift to all the mothers in the world.”

Swahili originated in East Africa and has spread across many countries. It is most commonly spoken in Tanzania. Most sources say this song is from Cameroon, where the official language is French. However, Cameroon is known to have approximately 260 national languages . One singer on Mama Lisa’s website says in the Oroko language and some other languages from the Kumba area in the Southwest region of Cameroon


mbele mama, mbele mama, ye (or eh)
mbele mama, mbele mama, ye
mbele mama, mbele mama, mbele mama, mbele mama,
mbele mama, mbele mama, ye

This recording is from Living Room’s Choir’s first concert at Zhi Dao Guan, May of 2015. Rick Miller is playing guitar, Evelie Delfino Såles Posch is on drums.

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There are many versions of this song online.

Here are a few that I like.