Grammah Easter’s Lullaby

Pura Fé (born: Pura Fé Antonia (“Toni”) Crescioni) is a singer-songwriter-musician, poet, artist, dancer, teacher, mother of two and social activist. Pura Fe is the founding member of the first internationally renowned Native woman’s a capella trio, ‘Ulali’. Her work with Ulali is known as one of the pioneer groups, that created a new genre and style bringing Native contemporary music to the fore front of the “mainstream” music industry. She currently resides in Durham, North Carolina, and performs internationally with the Pura Fé Trio… Deer Clan Singers and the new “Ulali Project” for 2014.

Written in honor of her Grandmother Easter (this my phonetic spelling )


Hum ba humba hum ba  heyaow

Hum ba hum ba hey ah

Hum ba hum ba hum ba heyaow

Hum ba heya oow  hayaow