Aad Guray

Abiyo Abayo

Adios Amigos

The Afterlife

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

All I Gotta Do (Is Take The Next Step)

All One Heart

All That Open Water


Amazing Grace

Auld Lange Syne

Back on Solid Ground



Bele Mama


Blue Lotus Feet

Busy Yourself

By Breath

Cho Kurima Woye

Come Back to Me (Spirit)

Come Come

Come Come Come

Contemplation Chant

Djio Takana

Djun Djun


Dona Nobis Pacem

E Dim Dim

Eel River

Find the Cost of Freedom

Freedom is In Your Hands

Gaia Chant/Another World is Possible

Go Singing

Grammah Easter’s Lullaby


Hava Na Shira

Helele Mama

Here is My Home

How Can I Know

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

How Shall We Come Together

Humble/We Shall Lift Each Other Up


I Am Human (Woman)

I Believe That Peace Will Come

I Will Believe the Truth About Myself

If Every Woman in the World

In This Heart

It’s In Every One of Us


Keep On Moving Forward

Keep Your Mind on Love

Kude Kukuru (Meli E)

Lead With Love

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Light and Darkness

Lingmarra Gamba

Little Spark of Light

Long Time Traveler

May I Be An Instrument of Peace

May the Longtime Sun

Meditation on Breathing

Meli E (Kude Kukuru)


More Love

My Roots Go Down


Navajo Prayer (when you were born…)

Nisa Nisa


O Mama

O Water


Od Yavo

Old Coat

Ole O

Olele Loila

Om Ah Hum

Onawa’s Waltz

One More Step

Osei Iyyo

Oy Vey

Pata Pata


Rising Strong

Rivers of Babylon (group)

Rivers of Babylon (round)


Sansa Kroma

Senwa De Dende



Show Me Love

Sing ’til The Power

Somewhere to Begin

Sparkling of Your Eyes

Standing Stone

Sto Mi E Milo

Sun Arise

Surrender (Stop Struggling)

Taco Bell Canon

The Ocean Chant

The Ocean Refuses No River

The Rain Song

The River

The River

The Road Is Calling

There is Only Love Here

This (Body)

This Fire

Time to Protect

To Call Myself Beloved

Together Mashup

Trees Grow Slow

Trust and Allow

Trust in the Magic of the Mystery

Tue Tue

Tule Tuli

Turn the World Around

Uyai Mose

Walk a Mile

Walk With Me

Water is Life

We Are Here

We Are Here In Our Bodies

We’ll Meet On The Shore

When Every Woman

With Love (Hummingbird)


Yemaya Assessu

You Are Safe With Me

You Oughta Sing

Zidele Amathambo