Welcome Singers!

This is your resource page for all things related to this season of Living Room Choir.

Thank you for joining us!

Please take a moment to fully read the Orientation Packet, especially if you missed the verbal orientation on 2/20/2020.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Living Room Choir Orientation  – click to open


Teaching Tracks

Teaching tracks have been created for our use in learning the music. Please don’t post them anywhere or send them off to friends unless you clear it with me first. They are password-protected; the password has been emailed to you.

  • You can download the songs or listen directly through the website. Choose the format that works for you. Listen in the car, at home, while walking…It’s great to have a song accompany you through the day, and you’ll learn it faster!
  • Sheet music is enclosed when possible, as well as lyrics. Feel free to print off what you find helpful.
  • When a song title appears in blue that means it is a live link which you can click on, taking you to the Teaching Track Page for that song (they are password-protected; the password has been emailed to you). If it appears in black, it is not a link, but just part of a list of songs we’ve visited. Not all songs will get teaching tracks – some songs we just sing once, for fun – but I have tried to enclose credits for everything we sing so you have a full list of what we’ve done together.

Songs for Spring 2020:

All One Heart – Melanie DeMore
Angel Wash – Aimee Ringle and Mia Kelley
Breathe Deep (It’ll Be Alright) – Sara Stutz
Chant to Nana – Heather Houston
Cherry Tomato – Sara Thomsen (Kaitie Ty Warren’s arrangement)
Going Up On The Mountain – Jody Stecher(‘s Cousin)
Hangaiwa – a Shona song from Zimbabwe
I Wonder (How Easy) – Heather Houston
Let It Go – Annabelle Tully-Barr
Lingmarra – Tom E. Lewis
Ole O – A Call to Work Song from Ghana
(Ooh) Lovin’ You – Guy Grizzley
May It Be – Enya (Denis Donnelly’s arrangement)
Monday Morning – Heather Houston
Ning Yeda – Northern Ghana, Traditional
One More Time – Tony Backhouse
Saiwela – from Zimbabwe
Tedumela – Brian Abrahams/ We Are One – Roxanne Smith; John Walters’ drum circle