Welcome Singers!

This is your page for the Fall 2019 Living Room Choir season.

The teaching tracks below have been created for our use in learning the music – please don’t post them anywhere or send them off to friends unless you clear it with me. They are password-protected; the password has been emailed to you.

You should be able to download the songs as well as listen to them directly through the website. Choose the format that works for you. Listen in the car, at home, while walking…It’s great to have a song accompany you through the day – and you’ll learn it much faster!

You are welcome to print out the lyrics and other info if learning on a page is helpful to you. When I have sheet music to a song I will enclose that as well.

Our concert will be Saturday, December 14th. Call time 5pm; concert at 7pm, at Grace Lutheran Church!
We will be looking for volunteers to work the door – do you know anyone who would like free entry and a free ubuntu bracelet in exchange for helping?

Our songs for the Fall 2019 Session:

This list will grow and be added to. Songs with teaching tracks have hyperlinks, which are password protected. The password has been emailed to you.

Songs we’ve begun working on with the concert in mind:
Abre La Puerta
Angel Wash
Be Open
Guru Mantra
Hine Ma Tov
Love is Love is Love is Love
Tending the Spark
Tue Tue
We Are The Light (The Winter/Summer Song)
(trio: Hope Lingers On)

Songs we’ve sung for fun:
Angel Wash – music by Aimee Ringle & Amy Kelly; words by Saphir Lewis & Raphe Pearlman
Breathe Deep (It’ll Be Alright) – Sara Stutz
Cherry Tomato – Sara Thompsen
I am Awake – Sara Stutz
I am Human (Woman) – Copperwoman
I See You – Sara Stutz
I Wonder How Easy – Heather Houston
The River – Coco Love Alcorn (watch it here!)
Stay With My Bones – Kaitie Ty Warren
Owl Moon – Bruce O’Brien
The Way Knows the Way – Lyndsey Scott
What a Wonderful Life – Karly Loveling
You Do You – Sara Stutz