Welcome Singers!

This is your page for the Fall 2019 Living Room Choir season.

The teaching tracks below have been created for our use in learning the music – they are not designed for sharing beyond our immediate choir community, please (no posting, sharing without my permission, etc).

You should be able to download the songs as well as listen to them directly through the website. Choose the format that works for you.

You are welcome to print out the lyrics and other info if learning on a page is helpful to you.

Our concert will be the weekend of December 14th, details to be determined. You will be asked to arrived 1-2 hours before concert time for the prep, warm up, and rehearsal that takes place just before performing. Afterward, we often go out to eat together (family and friends welcome). Keep that in mind when scheduling your concert day.

Our songs for the Fall 2019 Session Include the following:

High Desert

Protection March

Tending The Spark


Tue Tue

Osei Iyyo


By Breath

Duetto por duo Gatti

I See You

Winter Song

Time Has Told

Be Open

The Ocean Chant

By Breath


I Wonder How Easy This Can Be


My Eyes Are Opened (the Bup Bup Song)

To Call Myself Beloved

Nana Chant