By Breath

by Sara Thomsen

Arranged by Denis Donnelly, learned at CCLT 2016

Denis arranged Sara Thomsen’s beautiful song to span the full choir – each of the four choir sections taking the lead on one of the four lines of a verse. One night, in a dream, I saw the entire animal kingdom of our planet singing this song together, the lines of the song passing from species to species the way they pass from section to section across the choir in Denis’ arrangement. It was then I knew I had to learn, teach and sing this song as well with my choir. We truly are all one.






By breath, by blood, by body, by spirit, we are all one

By breath, by blood, by body, by spirit, we are all one

Verse 1:

The air that is my breath is the air that you are breathing

And the air that is your breath is the air that I am breathing

The wind rising in my breast is the wind from the east, from the west

From the north, from the south, breathing in, breathing out

Verse 2:

The water that is my blood, my sweat, tears from crying

Is the water that is your blood, your sweat, tears from crying

And the rising of the tide is in our veins and in the ocean wide

We are in the rising steam, rushing river, running stream

Verse 3:

The earth is dust, the earth is clay, flowers blossoming and fading

We are dust and we are clay, we are blossoming and fading

Every color, every sound, every place is holy ground

Oh, every living thing, can you hear it laugh? Can you hear it sing?

Verse 4:

The fire in my heart, my soul flame burning

Is the fire in your heart, your soul flame burning

We are Spirit burning bright, by the light of day, in the dark of night

We are shining like the sun, and like the moon, like the Holy One




© 2003 Sara Thomsen




Chorus – All






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