Living Room Choir was started in 2015/2016, led by Kaitie Ty Warren with Sara Stutz as assistant and Andrea Lappen as executive assistant.

The 2020 events moved us to Zoom and overlapped with Kaitie’s parenting leave. Sara held the virtual Living Room open throughout, with support from Deborah Leeds.

In 2022, we began meeting in person again, but things were different. The world was different, so were each of us, and so was our choir. But at the heart of things, the Living Room Choir felt and feels very much the same. Returning to it feels very much like coming home. (Maybe after a little reconstruction.)

Now Kaitie and Sara co-lead and Deborah is the musical assistant. Several choir members continue to act as volunteers and support when its needed, to help keep things running as smoothly as possible as we navigate changes related to Covid safety and becoming more inclusive of the new children and parents in our choir.

We have re-dubbed ourselves Living Room Choir ANEW (which stands for Approaching Necessary Evolution Willingly) as of Fall 2022.

This archive includes password protected material that is reserved for members and past-members only, but some material is public. Please be respectful if you choose to share our material or songs, and only teach the songs you feel you can carry with integrity and source information. We like to know when our music travels so please ask permission and/or let us know if you hope to use something we’ve shared or created. When possible, offer payment to the songmakers and do your own research to deepen your understanding of the pieces you teach. Know that none of us do this perfectly, and we are also updating our learning all the time! If you have information missing from a song we carry, please do tell us. Let’s all continue to do the best we can until we know better, and when we know better do better (paraphrased from a Maya Angelou quote).


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LRC ANEW (co-led by Kaitie and Sara, assisted by Deborah Leeds)
Spring 2023
Fall 2022 (first in-person session after lockdown)

LRC (led by Kaitie Ty Warren, assisted by Sara Stutz)
Fall 2019 (last in-person session before lockdown)
Spring 2019
Fall 2018
Spring 2018

Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Spring 2016