KarlyKarly Loveling is holding you from afar through Singing Heart online until we can safely hug and harmonize once again! Every week Karly leads songs on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights, with guest song leaders joining in once a week. Wednesday June 10th, we’ll be joined by Kaitie Ty Warren of Living Room Choir, who took the Community Choir Leadership Training with Karly as well as attending several Songleading events together throughout the years since. Kaitie and Karly are a dynamic duo that will also be leading with Heather Houston this month in her online series: Sisters in Harmony Global. Join Singing Heart any time by signing up for the newsletter at http://singingheartchoir.com/.

To join Kaitie and Karly Wednesday June 10th, use this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81680823837  from 7-8pm.

Contributions are appreciated at https://PayPal.me/LovelingSong.



Kaitie and Karly pic

Karly (left) and Kaitie (right) have been singing and leading together since 2016

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