Come sing this week with Living Room Choir member Deborah Leeds! Deborah has been training as a song leader with the fabulous Heather Houston and has helped lead and anchor songs with Living Room Choir for 3.5 years!

From Deborah:
“There are ten levels of prayer, and above them is Song.”
 – Hasidic teaching via Naomi Levy

Dear Friends,

I love that quote! It validates something that I think many of us feel in our bones. What’s more is that which is sacred, that occurs effortlessly when we come together to sing in circle: connection, support and kinship, the raising of vibration, and the depth and fun that is the nature of women coming together.
I am so pleased to announce and invite you to my first Women’s Song Circle. 
Thursday, January 9th, 7:15 – 8:45
Grace Lutheran Church: 15 Santa Fe Avenue, El Cerrito
Please bring an item for our group altar. This can be something that represents a part of you that you would like to see grow in this new year. Or perhaps a part of you that would like some loving attention or healing. Or an object that holds an energy that you would like to see reflected back to you as we sing. You need not worry about explaining it to anyone. Just bring something that has meaning to you 🙂
Feel free to share this with other women who might be interested in joining us.
*Please RSVP to me at so that I can set a place for you in our circle.
*Please come scent-free.
This is a New Year’s gift offering, and an expression of my joy in singing together, with gratitude to you for coming!
Wishing you ease and goodness and joy in the New Year.

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