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It’s everyone’s birthright to sing.
More than that, it’s everyone’s birthright to be, and to be in community.
This is a holistic practice, into which the whole person is welcomed. It’s okay to sing here, yes, and it’s also okay to listen, or cry, or lay on the floor, or dance around… it’s okay to move to a different section of the room and sing a different part. It’s okay to try something new, to express more fully, and to be with other people while doing it.

We use music to create this practice, and to create this harmonic experience.
What is a harmonic experience?
Is it about harmony, notes that sound good together?

Absolutely, and we’ll be exploring that because the medium we use for this harmonic experience is music: our channel for this harmony is on the aural spectrum. And we teach by Oral Tradition – voice to voice.
But it’s also about a feeling, of cohesive vibrations and sometimes many layers of color or energy in one space, that don’t interrupt each other. Rather the layers enhance each other, play off each other, and provide an experience that is richer than the sum of the parts. Does harmony mean you can do whatever you want, regardless of what the group is doing? No, of course not. True harmony, both energetically and musically, always requires great listening. Listening both to yourself, and to the others around you.

We are not here only to make music. We are here to be ourselves and be with each other and learn from inside out what more we can bring to the community. Ubuntu means I Am Because We Are – we are all, always, in relation to each other. It’s time to stop running from that as a culture, and to embrace it. By doing this, as the song Humble says, we will lift each other up.

Kaitie Ty Warren

The Living Room Choir, Berkeley CA

December 19, 2017

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